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Ontario, California, Care One Plumbing is your local plumber Ontario area Experts we are a Family Owned and Operated Plumbing Contractor with 30+ years experience in the plumbing industry. When looking for a Plumber Ontario it is important to select an Ontario Plumber that is licensed in Ontario and knows the in’s and out’s of the city! Knows the inspectors knows city requirements when completing projects in Ontario, CA.

Plumber Ontario is only part of what we do, Ontario, CA 91762 is a city that is made up of many parts, Residential, Commercial, Industrial, Agricultural aspects! and all these different sections of daily life require different plumbing skills and knowledge! Care One Plumbing is very established in all aspects of these different plumbing systems.

Backflow Prevention, Ontario has a very active Backflow Prevention Program in the City, and Care One Plumbing are Certified & Approved Backflow Testers in Ontario, We have a working relationship with Cross Connection Control (Backflow) Department for the City and able to work in concert with them to keep your Backflow Devices current and safe from theft and vandalism.

Plumber Ontario Backflow Specialists Febco, Wilkins, Ames,

Care One Plumbing Backflow Testing & Repairs


Ontario plumbers get their name from the Latin Plumbum, for “lead,” since the ancient Romans used pipes made from lead. The term therefore refers to the metallic element out of which their main building material is made. Licensed plumber Ontario

Interestingly, Einstein, the father of modern mathematics, admired the plumber:

“If I would be a young man again and had to decide how to make my living, I would not try to become a scientist or scholar or teacher. I would rather choose to be a plumber in the hope to find that modest degree of independence still available under present circumstances.” – Albert Einstein, The Reporter, 18 November 1954. 24 Hour emergency plumber Ontario.

Plumbers are unsung heroes. These tradesmen and women work hard at very demanding jobs and have crucial knowledge and understanding regarding that basic necessity which every civilization and human being needs to thrive and survive: water! These Ontario plumbers make sure that every single person has healthy water to drink every single day and clean water for bathing. They are humanity’s lifesavers! Dedicated plumber Ontario and surrounding areas.

Plumber Ontario “Helping to Protect the Health & Safety of the Public”

Plumber Ontario

Plumber Ontario

If you are looking for a Ontario plumbing contractor then please call 909) 657-2345 or complete our online form @ www.careoneplumbing.com/contacts