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Leak Detection and Slab Leak in Ontario, CA

Care One Plumbing Leak Detection and Slab Leaks Specialists

Care One Plumbing Leak Detection and Slab Leaks

Care One Plumbing….Leak Detection – Slab Leaks Experts!

Leak Detection – Slab Leaks experts in Los Angeles, San Bernadino, Riverside, & Orange Counties, Care One Plumbing. We provide expert leak detection and slab leaks, pipe tracing, location services. Leak detection – Slab Leaks are a tricky business that requires a very experienced plumber to properly perform Leak Detection – Slab Leaks. Under a concrete slab, improper leak detection – slab leaks can cause unnecessary damage to flooring, cabinetry, or other structural elements in your home or business.

Once we locate a Slab leak, this will determine the proper repair or course of action. Sometimes opening the slab isn’t the best option. Care One plumbers will suggest re-routing water lines, instead of removing cabinetry and counter tops.

Whatever the solution we can complete the repair from beginning to end which includes patching concrete, drywall repair, and tile patching.

Gas Leak Detection and Sewer Location Specialists

In addition to Leak Detection – Slab Leaks location, we are Experts is locating gas leaks in a home or business. We are experts in sewer camera, drain inspections and locations. Do you need a line Located or Inspected Call Today!

Experts advise never buy a home or property without a sewer video inspection, that could cost you thousands in unforeseen expenses. Second Opinions! we love providing second opinions! if you have questions or concerns about a diagnosis another company has given about your “failed sewer” call us will provide you with video inspection and recording of your sewer or drain in real time! You see exactly what’s happening in your Drain! No Opinions, No Conjecture, No Questions as to what the problem is….or isn’t! The Camera and Video isn’t open to manipulations!

Leak Detection and Slab Leaks, Sewer Locations & Inspections

Leak Detection and Slab Leaks Specialists also Sewer Locating

So if you are in need of leak Detection- Slab Leaks services, feel confident that Care One Plumbing can handle your needs quickly and expertly.

We use State of the Art Equipment for Leak Detection – Slab Leaks Location, Gas Leak Detection, and Sewer & Drain Inspection and Location, quality and proper equipment insure that the results will be accurate and reliable!

Sewer Inspection, Leak Detection, Slab Leaks

Care One Plumbing Inspecting sewer line

If you are looking for a Leak Detection – Slab Leaks Specialist in Los Angeles, Riverside, Orange, & San Bernadino Counties, then please call (909) 657-2345 | (626) 791-9007 | (626) 969-6933 or complete our online request form.

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