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Wall and Floor Heater Service in Ontario, CA

Installing, Replacing, and Servicing Floor or Wall Heaters in Ontario, CA

Care One Plumbing has 30 years experience installing, replacing, servicing Floor – Wall heaters in Los Angeles and San Bernardino counties.

The variety of heating systems existing in today’s market is almost overwhelming. The first question you have to answer when purchasing a heater is how large is the area you need to keep warm and for how long during the year. The issue of energy consumption (either electricity, natural gas, propane, oil or wood for that matter) is connected to the size of the heating area and represents a very important factor to take into account.

Wall Heaters

Wall Heaters have changed little since their usage started, Holly, Coleman, Gaffers & Statler, and others originally had a very simple on or off knob, and did a great job. Newer Wall Furnaces Cozy, Williams, and Empire have added 100% safety gas control valves, wall thermostats, safety vent switches, these improvements have greatly enhanced the safety of wall heaters. We are experts at retrofitting old wall heaters with new controls and safeties, call today to have your Holly, Williams, Cozy, Empire wall furnace repaired.

Care One Installs & Repairs all types of wall heaters, Cozy, Holly, Williams, Empire,

Holly Wall Heater with a Ruptured Fire Box


Inland Empire wall heaters can be mounted inside the wall or as attachment to the wall. They come in a variety of shapes and materials, traditional or modern design, slim or large, hence answering to any possible requirements from the customers. Prices differ also on capacity, energy consumption, type of material, size. If you need to maximize heat in a small room you might want to simplify your choice and select a less expensive model, the design is however for you to choose.

Floor Heaters

Floor Heaters are a tried & true method for keeping homes warm and also very energy efficient. Many homeowners that have floor furnaces are fiercely loyal to them! they bring back memories of keeping their tootsies warm as children. The ability to heat the warmth of a room with full control while using the least amount of energy makes this system a popular upgrade to any home.

Care One Plumbing Installs & Repairs all brands of Floor Heaters

Holly Dual Sided Floor Furnace Rebuild in Monrovia, CA

There are basically two types of Floor – Wall Heaters, Gas Floor Heaters and Hot Water Heater Baseboard Systems. Gas Floor Heaters are generally completely in floor or in a dividing wall that separates living room and a hallway. These types of heaters are very simple and safe in their use. Like any gas appliance maintenance is very important, floor furnaces need to be cleaned and lit before the cold sets in. Don’t depend on the Gas Company for this! as soon as it get’s cold everyone and their brother calls for service.

Floor - Wall Heaters Care One Plumbing Repairs & Installs all brands of floor heaters

Floor – Wall Heaters Burner pan and controls for a Holly Floor Furnace

Radiant Floor Board systems use hot water circulated throughout the home to heat the house. These types of heaters require boilers and zone controls to heat evenly, these types of heaters are generally found in the Midwest and East Coast of the Country.

If you are looking for Floor – Wall Heaters in Los Angeles and San Bernadino counties, then please call (909) 657-2345 | (626) 791-9007 | (626) 969-6933 or complete our online request form.

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