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Paul is a very professional plumber from the moment he...
by Ele W on 10/02/2014
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Copper and PEX RePipe Specialist in Ontario, CA

Copper and PEX Repipe Specialist in San Dimas, Glendora, Ontario, Pasadena, Upland, Covina,

Copper & PEX Repipe Specialist in San Dimas, CA

Care One Plumbing is the Copper and PEX Repipe Specialist!

Copper and PEX Repipe Specialists in Los Angeles, San Bernardino, Riverside, & Orange Counties. We have completed many Copper & PEX Repipes for delighted customers. Copper & PEX Repipe Specialists, a project that most home or business owners do not welcome. The fact of the matter is….it can be costly and somewhat disrupting to normal everyday life(most of our Jobs Completed in a day). But the benefits greatly outweigh the drawbacks!

Drawbacks To Copper Re-Piping

  • Repipes can be Costly (there are options)
  • Temporary Loss of Water or Facilities
  • Dusty & Messy (if steps are not taken to minimize this)
  • Drywall & Stucco Holes
  • One to Several Days of workman in the home
Copper and PEX Repipe Specialist in Glendora, Upland, Ontario, Pasadena

Care One Plumbing Copper and PEX Repipe Specialist

Benefits To Copper Re-Piping

  • No More Rusty colored Bad Tasting Water!
  • No More Clogged Faucets or Shower Heads!
  • No More Low Water Pressure!
  • No More Scalding or Freezing jolts (when toilet flushed)
  • Use Multiple Fixtures at Once!
  • No long waits for Hot Water (instant hot water w/pump system)
  • Great time to upgrade or move water heater (tank-less?)
  • No More Rusted Pipe Ruptures!
  • Add Value to your home or business!
  • Keep Tenants Happy & Smiling Reduce Vacancies!!!
  • Clean, & Crystal Clear Water! (Clean as your water dept. delivers! if it’s not so clear we can filter that also!
Copper and PEX Repipe Specialist Care One Plumbing 909-657-2345

Copper and PEX Repipe Specialist in San Gabriel Valley, Orange County, Inland Empire, Ontario,Pasadena

How are Care One Plumbing’s Copper and PEX Repipe Specialists jobs performed?

  • We Use First Quality American Made Copper Pipe & Fittings
  • We Use Quality PEX Tube and Brass Fittings
  • We Use Quality “Lead Free” 1/4 Turn Valves & Fittings
  • We Use Quality Valves & Fixtures Delta, Moen, Symmons
  • We Use Approved Strapping and Pipe Hanging Methods
  • We Use Lead Free Solder and Water Soluble Flux Paste
  • We Use Workmanlike Installation Practices
  • We Use Drop Cloths & Plastic to Protect Your Home!
  • Our Plumbers Are Repipe Specialists! not Day Workers!
  • We Patch Our Holes in Stucco & Drywall to Paint Ready Finish
  • We Remove & Dispose of Old Pipes (where accessible)

Apartment Copper and PEX Repipe Specialists

  • We Do all the Same Great Stuff as Above! and More
  • We Custom Design and Size Your Apartment Building
  • We Provide The Layout & Sizing Specs to the City Building Department
  • We Can Install a Separate Copper & PEX Pipe System to Minimize Downtime for your Tenants Convenience!
  • We Use Dust and Mess Control Methods for Your Tenants
  • We Patch All Holes

10 Year Warranty on all Copper and PEX Repipe Specialist

We will warranty all workmanship & Labor for a Period of 10 years from date of completion of your project. We will also warranty the material for a period of 1 years from date of completion, after the 1 year period the manufacturer’s warranty will be in effect for the remainder of the warranty period. Call Today For Your Free Consultation and Custom Proposal Duplex to 300+ Units! We Can Handle It! Contact Us!

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